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Electric Troubleshooting Tips

Warranty Period

Depending on the builder, the warranty period may vary. Please be sure to review your new home warranty information with your builder.

Resetting GFI Receptacles

The GFI House Circuit is typically located next to the electrical panel in the basement or sometimes garage.

The GFI Bathroom Circuit is typically located in the master bathroom or hall bathroom.

The GFI Kitchen Circuit is typically located on the kitchen counter or kitchen desk area.

PLEASE NOTE: Refrigerators, heavy duty appliances and power tools that are plugged into GFI receptacles will most likely cause the circuit to trip.

Troubleshooting Smoke Detectors

Beeping smoke detectors can be caused by a missing battery, a missing electrical feed, dead battery or if the battery is not installed correctly.

Smoke detectors that appear to be going off for no reason could need dusting or need to be checked for bugs and vacuumed out.

Please note the battery is located on the side of BRK model smoke detectors installed from 2000-2001. The battery is located on the top of USI smoke detectors started in 2002.

Heating and Air Conditioning Units

If the heating or air conditioning units are unresponsive please make sure of the following:

  • All emergency switches are ON.
  • The switches on the actual units are ON.
  • The thermostat is ON.
  • The breakers are ON.