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To sleep soundly, you need peace of mind. You need to know that what you value most, your home and your family, are safe and secure. According to statistics, homes without alarm systems are three times as likely to be broken into as those that do. Like millions of others, you've realized that your safety and security is what matters the most, so you are considering purchasing a home security system. Smart move! The system below is designed to provide very basic security protection for you and your family. This system is designed for expansion when your security needs grow.


1. The main control shall be a Honeywell Vista 20P alarm panel.

2. There shall be one (1) basic numeric digital keypad for system control.

3. Three (3) first floor perimeter doors shall be protected with one (1) magnetic contact against opening only.

4. There shall be one (1) passive infrared motion detector for interior protection.

5. There shall be one (1) high volume siren provided to sound in the event of alarm activation.

6. One year warranty.


1. Door/window contact.

2. Window vents.

3. Motion detector.

4. Pet type motion detector.

5. Basic numeric keypad.

6. Alpha numeric keypad.

7. Glass break detector.

8. Photoelectric smoke detector.

9. Heat detectors (135 - 190).

10. Carbon monoxide detector.

11. Gas detector.

12. Low temperature detector.

13. Water detection (Probe & Electronics).

14. GSM Radio Module.


1. Upgrade basic numeric keypad to alpha numeric keypad.

2. Upgrade standard motion to a pet type motion detector.

Security Camera Systems

When you're ready to install a video surveillance security camera system to your new home you can rest assured you're about to feel a whole lot safer. People install security camera systems for so many different reasons. No matter what your reason, the one thing everyone can agree about is how good you feel when your property is being protected. Install one of these Digital Watchdog security camera systems to monitor the activities of your new home while you are away.


1. Four (4) LTS LTL 3413 exterior color dome cameras with infrared.

2. One (1) LTD 8308T 1TB 8-channel digital video recorder.

3. One (1) Category 6 data line (Homeowner to locate).

4. One (1) 4-camera power supply.


1. Pre-wire for one (1) camera.

*A central station monitoring contract is available for $19.99 per month.*